Lambertshoek is renowned for its rooibos tea and buchu, the latter which also grows in the mountains. Before the dirt roads existed, the harvested buchu was carried down the mountain on foot and by pack donkeys. These tracks now form part of the Boegoeberg 4×4 trail. From the start of the trail, the route passes Buurman-se-gat, Sarel-se-kop, Kliphuis, Die Poort, Groenvlei and Stillerus, until you finally reach the Platklip viewpoint. Here, a panoramic view awaits.



Hikers and mountain bikers enjoy Boegoeberg’s trails as much as the 4×4 crowd does. There’s no specially demarcated hiking route, but guests are welcome to hike anywhere on the farm. You can also hike up in the mountain and overnight at Buurman se Gat or Die Kliphuis. Collect a map from Sybrie before you set out on your hike or ride, and take enough water with you. The African sun is fierce, so slather yourself with sunscreen, and wear a hat. Also, carry a warm top in your day pack, and ensure your phone is charged for taking pics, and in case of emergency.


If you need a challenge for your 4×4 club, or would like to offer your colleagues a non-boring team-builder, bring them to Boegoeberg for a treasure hunt.

Tyremart Clanwilliam hosted a 4×4 fundraising event for the Sederhof home for the aged. Watch the video to see what they got up to!


The 30 km trail offers a variety of challenges: from steep ascents and descents to technical driving sections over large rock formations. On the last section, to the Platklip viewpoint, there’s a stream that drivers have to cross multiple times. The difficulty of this section varies depending on the time of year, but rest assured: Your driving skills and your vehicle’s traction will probably be put to the test! This is an optional section, however, and there are escapes at the obstacles.

From the Platklip viewpoint visitors can see the white dunes of the Lambert’s Bay 4×4 trail, the mountain at Elands Bay, the Cederberg mountain range, and many other landmarks. What goes up must come down. There’s a long technical descent, followed by a steep ascent. Along the mountain route you’ll find additional technical sections with marked sandstone name boards. In addition to the mountain trail, you’ll complete a short circular route with a variety of challenges, including a sandy hill-climb challenge.

A highlight is a section that runs along a riverbed. The amount of rain that has fallen prior to a visit also determines the difficulty of the riverbed section.